Sublime Studio 511 Grants Road RD7K, Otiake 9494 North Otago New Zealand
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Sublime Studio is a fully equipped analogue and digital recording studio with boutique accommodation in the Waitaki Valley, North Otago, New Zealand.

Sublime Studio control room with Neve mixing desk


Sublime Studio began as the passion project of award winning New Zealand musician Steve Harrop and his wife and artist Fenella Barry. Over the last 6 years they have redesigned and transformed the 1927 woolshed on their property into a unique recording space that offers a creative environment for any musician to work in. The remote location overlooking the beautiful Waitaki Valley in North Otago is both a meditative and inspiring place to compose, play and record while relaxing in boutique accommodation and dining on delicious food.

The studio space and mixing desk have evolved with the input of many local and international visiting artists, designers, builders, technicians and musicians. The result is a great sounding acoustic space with an authentic collection of analogue equipment from the past 50 years interfaced with the latest digital recording technology. Steve has travelled and played music all over the world assembling an interesting and unique collection of instruments and analog equipment.

Band room with assortment of electric, acoustic, and bass guitars; drumkit; and keyboards


Positioned in the heart of the Waitaki Valley’s vineyards Sublime Lodge offers a luxurious and private rural retreat. The lodge is the perfect place to unwind and savour all the inspiring surroundings have to offer the creative process. Each package is tailored to suit your recording project requirements and maximise your time both inside and outside the studio.

The two double en suite rooms are located in their own wing of the house with stunning views, private dining room and open log fire. All rooms open onto the balcony where you can sit and enjoy our premium wines while reviewing the days tracks and taking in the remarkable scenery. Extra beds and additional rooms are available on request.

Otago is famous for it's fantastic night skies thanks to the lack of light pollution, so why not relax with a soak in our private spa pool under the stars.

Fenella has cheffed all over the world for private clients and restaurants. She produces her renown ‘Taste of Waitaki’ menus made up of delicious and fresh local ingredients and can cater to any clients food requirements. All meals are accompanied with Sublime wines from the vineyards surrounding the house and studio.

Row of grapevines in the Sublime vineyard
Waitaki Valley panorama depicting rural setting


Our centre piece is a Soundcraft 2400 mixing console that has been carefully refurbished.

We also offer a collection of vintage and contemporary microphones, classic valve amplifiers, extensive outboard gear and crystalline monitoring.


  • Aiwa M18
  • AKG C3000 (2)
  • AKG C430 (2)
  • AKG D112
  • AKG C1000
  • AKG D14
  • AKG D 65 S
  • Aston Spirit (2)
  • Aston Starlight (2)
  • Audio-Technica 2021
  • Bumblebee Royer RM-5 clone (2)
  • Neumann U87
  • Sennheiser MD421 (2)
  • Sennheiser MD504 (3)
  • Shure SM57 (3)
  • Shure SM58 (3)
  • Sony ECM-999
  • T&S PC-K200
  • Vanguard V13
  • Custom Sublime Studio Microphones (2)

Rack Gear

  • ADR F760X-RS Compex Limiter
  • Alesis 3630 Compressor/Limiter/Gate (2)
  • Alesis Quadraverb
  • Aphex Aural Exciter
  • Boss RV-1000
  • Digitech VTP-1
  • Ibanez MSP 1000 (2)
  • Lexicon MPX1
  • Rane DMS 22
  • Roland 201 Space Echo
  • Roland SRV-2000
  • Summit Audio TLA-50 Tube Leveler (2)
  • TL Audio C-1 Dual Valve Compressor
  • UREI 527A (2)
  • Yamaha Q2031
  • Yamaha SPX90 Digital Multi-Effects Processor (2)
  • Yamaha Rev 7

Valve Amps

  • David Eden Traveler 550
  • Fender Princeton ‘78
  • Gibson GA46
  • Jansen IA715
  • Mesa/Boogie Bass 400
  • Mesa/Boogie Express 5:25+
  • Mesa/Boogie Subway Rocket


  • A variety of vintage 10, 12, 15 and 18 inch coned cabinets


  • Avatone Mix Cube
  • JBL 4311b’s
  • Presonus Septre 6’s
  • Temblor 10 Sub

Power Amps

  • Amcron
  • JBL
  • Perreaux

Electric Guitars

  • Custom Kraft ‘62
  • Fender Telecaster
  • Gibson 335 ‘65
  • Gibson Les Paul L6S ‘73
  • Sonic LP Mod G3 series

Acoustic Guitars

  • Gibson J45 ‘66
  • Ibanez nylon electric
  • Jeff Baker 8 String
  • Martin
  • Suzuki arch top ‘66
  • Taylor

Bass Guitars

  • Double Bass
  • Fender P Bass
  • Fender Jazz 5 String
  • Fender 6 String (rare)
  • Gibson fretless ‘73

Studio Drum Kit

  • 1964 Gene Krupa Slingerland


  • Baby Grand
  • Fender Rhodes Eighty Eight
  • Hammond Organ

Digital Samplers/Sequencers

  • Akai S3000XL
  • Akai MPC2000


  • Akai Flanger
  • Big Muff Pi
  • Boss Super Chorus
  • Boss Loop Station
  • Boss Dynamic Wah
  • Boss Compression/Sustain
  • Boss Distortion DS-1
  • Electroharmonix Bass Balls
  • Ibanez DS7 Distortion
  • Ibanez AD100

Recording Equipment

  • Soundcraft 2400 mixing console which can be linked through an Orion Antelope to logic for full 24 channel recording, or to a TEAC A-3340S Quadraphonic reel to reel tape machine.
Tom and Max collaborate in the Sublime Studio control room